Introduction to sensual acupressure points
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One of these points increases the libido

One of these points decreases the libido

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Pleasure can be enhanced by massaging and gently stimulating a variety of acupressure points both on yourself and on your partner. These points occur both on the body and on the outer ear (the auricle).

There are points which can raise or lower libido, stimulate endorphins and change mood. Some acupuncture meridians or channels cover sensual areas and massage along a wider course of the acupuncture meridian can create greater pleasure than the orthodox erogenous zones.

When you find points which feel nice, be gentle. If you press too hard, it hurts.
What is the difference betwen pleasure and pain? Maybe just a litle extra pressure. There is a huge number of sensual acupuncture points; these are the topics which are currently available in the membership section: (membership is not available yet, so try both points!).

Auricular points which increase the libido

Auricular points which decrease the libido

Sensual body acupuncture lines

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